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Origami with a dollar- Elephants and Rhinos

There’s many things you can do with a dollar bill; buy a cruddy burger at a fast food joint, buy something at the Dollar Tree, ride one mile in a taxi, or, if you’re rich, use it as a tissue. But have you ever thought that you could fold it about 20 times to get a companion? A while ago I posted a picture of a elephant that I folded from a dollar bill, and just recently I made a rhino, too. It’s worth a dollar, and besides, you can always unfold it if you decided you rather a cruddy burger at McDonald’s.

Here’s the instructions on how to make an “Dollaromi” (as I call it) rhino: (all that’s needed is a dollar bill, two hands, and fairly good common sense)

And, the elephant is the same concept, with a different outcome… an elephant.

I wonder who the heck sat down and figured all that out; probably some geek.

I would like to thank “Yes Magic” for the videos and the very good instructions.

Enjoy your origami, and I hope you are now hooked on origami, like I am.


Origami and “Dollarami”

A couple of days ago, my family went to this historical site and saw how people way back when celebrated the holidays. And, I don’t know why, but made an origami penguin there; I thought it was cool so I got into it.  So much fun! I have EASY instructions on how to make a cup you can actually drink out of:

How to make a cup you can actually drink from:

Things you need:
— A square piece of 4×4 paper (origami paper is best, but other paper works fine)

Step #1:
Take the square piece of paper and place it diagonally…

Step #2:
Fold the bottom up to the top…

Step #3:
Fold one layer from the top down to the bottom…

Step #4:
Unfold the fold you just made…

Step #5:
Fold the left corner up to the end of the crease that you made the last two steps…

Step #6:
Now fold the right corner up to the edge of the left corner…

Step #7:
Take one layer of the very top and fold it down…

Step #8:
Flip the whole thing over and fold the very top layer down, just like you did before…

Step #9 and #10:
OK, place your finger inside the cup (shown in the first picture) then gently open it up (it should look like the second picture when you’re finished).

You can actually drink out of it if you want.

If you’re wondering what Dollarami is, it’s the art of doing origami with a dollar bill. I made a cool one recently, a elephant to be exact. I found the directions off of Google, and if you want to know how to make a Dollarami Elephant, just Google “origami instructions”, click on the first recomendation, and then click on Dollar Bill Origami on the sidebar, then scroll down a bit and click on “Dollar Bill Origami Elephant”. Let me warn you though, it’s VERY HARD!

Any way here’s my Dollarami Elephant (I put it next to a hot wheels car to show how small it is):